2022 3rd International Conference on Electronic communication and Artificial Intelligence(IWECAI 2022)

Keynote Speakers


Prof. Xiaohui Zou

Zhuhai Hengqin Searle Technology Co., Ltd.

Research Interests: Construction strategy of interdisciplinary knowledge center of Rongzhi (Natural Science Foundation Project) and Application Strategy (Social Science Foundation Project)


Prof. Thomas Canhao Xu

BNU-HKBU United International College

Research Interests:  Circular Economy, Leadership


Prof. Shuangming Yang

Tianjin University

Shuangming Yang, associate professor of Tianjin University, Ph. D. Thesis Award (20 people nationwide), Tianjin University Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award (the only one in the Control Science and Engineering discipline this year), and the 14th batch of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation in special funding. He has published 41 academic papers, including 6 first-author papers (including 4 IEEE TNNLS, 1 IEEE TCYB, 1 IEEE TFS), 5 second-author papers, and 1 Chinese journal "Journal of Automation", focusing on the key problems of brain-like computing. Journal of Automation 1. Two first-author papers have been selected as ESI Highly Cited Papers and Hot Papers, and a total of 40 papers have been published and 8 invention patents have been granted. The articles have been cited and positively evaluated by journals such as Nature Communications and IEEE Fellow and other famous scholars, and the highest citation of a single paper in Google Scholar is 136 times. The results have been applied in the products of unmanned boats and intelligent driving cars of many national key units and leading enterprises of strategic new industries, including CSIC 707 and CACR, promoting industrial technology upgrading and development.